Having a wide and strong network of production partners, we are serving our diverse customers to the best of their satisfaction. Our merchandisers are fully experienced for the development of Blue fabric. Denim department is sourcing a wide range of denim products.

  • Woven DenimIndigo, Reactive and Sulfur dyed
  • Knitted Denim Indigo dyed
  • Selvedge Denim, Striped Denim
  • Rigid / Non Stretch All types of Twill and Drills
  • Stretch Slub Denim
  • Super Stretch By Stretch

We stand side by side with our customers for innovative and unique denim designs development. We can even provide services in designing and stitching denim garments from some of the best stitching units across Pakistan and China. Besides, we source denim garments for a number of customers as well.

With a current sourcing volume of 0.7million meters of fabric and 35,000 pcs monthly, we have been sourcing customized denim fabric for contemporary and modern wear. Designing of denim fabric includes development of a variety of slub patterns with a combination of multi counts using various types of modern washes including Rinse, Enzyme, Stone, Caustic, Silicon, Hydrogen, Bleach , Sand blasting ,Tinting, Ice and Snow washing etc. Our manufacturing partners are continuously engaged in bringing more fashion in denim garments by using modern techniques like Water jet fading, Whiskering, Microsanding including Mechanical abrasion, Laser treatment, Ozone fading, Spray techniques and Overdyeing etc.

Our team includes experts from different textile markets around the globe that makes it convenient for us to serve the people who are engaged in supply chain of textile products. We aim to get satisfaction of our customers through quality services.